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Famous since 1918, Mugli Ghutti 555, an Ayurvedic preparation in the form of a sweet syrup, is useful in many disorders and diseases in infants and children upto 5 yrs. 

Mugli Ghutti 555, has been successfully used by millions to keep their children healthy & fit, to evacuate the bowels, to correct appetite, and to cure digestive disorders and constipation. Teething period, Climatic changes, over/unsuitable diet etc. cause disorders such as flatulence, dysentery, acidity, vomiting of clogged milk, weaning, constipation, colic and abdominal pain etc. Mugli Ghutti 555 is an effective cure for these.

Approved by the Drug Licensing authorities, (in India ) a scientific formula of 18 natural herbs in absolutely precise quantities, prepared by way of a specialized procedure, Mugli Ghutti 555 is TOTALLY NON-ALCOHOLIC and NON-OPIUM product.

Originally, when invented in the year 1918 by late Hakim Jayanti Prasad ( J.P ) Kathuria, a renowned Unani and Ayurved practitioner of Delhi,(India), MUGLI GHUTTI 555 was a dry mixture of herbs. The mixture used to be administered after decoction in boiling water.

Subsequently, in or about the year 1940, late vaid Radha Kishan Arora, followed up the product and improvised the same to the present ready-to-use syrup form. With the toil of late vaid Radha Kishan Arora in the fields of both the marketing as well as the scientific improvisation of the product, Mugli Ghutti 555 has been by now successfully used by millions of parents in India & abroad.

Presently it is available in bottles of 4 sizes vij.180 ml, 60 ml, 30 ml and 100 ml.

Shriram Ayurved Bhawan
Delhi-110032, (India)